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My 2012 Top 10 List

10. Receiving a Message from Evelyn Glennie 
2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony, Evelyn Glennie Leading Army of Drummers.  Photo courtesy of BBC

2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony, Evelyn Glennie Leading Army of Drummers. Photo courtesy of BBC

Here’s my post from August 2, 2012 about her note to me.

9.  Zach's College Graduation

Dolores, Zach and Tom Lauf – Dolores and Tom are pretty proud of Zach

Read my post here about his big night.

8.  Jon and Mallory's Wedding

Mallory and Jon with Fr. Doyle at St. Peter’s Catholic Church

Click here to see the post on Jon and Mallory’s wedding.

 7.  Alex Gets His First Job at Schulte's Fresh Foods

Alex’s first day at Schulte’s…Mom would love knowing Alex was working at her brother Robert’s store.

6.  Trip to South Dakota 

Here’s the post on the trip.  Better yet, watch the video!

 5.  Receiving 2 Tickets to SNL
Wrist Band from SNL

Wrist Band from SNL

Here’s the first of 3 posts on one of our best trips ever!

 4. Long Runs with Dolores

Dolores admiring the view from her deck.

Here’s the post – one of several – check it out.

 3.  March for Life Trip

Alex and I in DC anxious for the March for Life.

Read about our exciting trip here.

 2. Family trip to NYC

Jim and Alex in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC. Easter 2012 – Awesome!

Jim, Alex and Anne at a revolving restaurant high on top of the Marriott Marquis. Last night in NYC.

First of three posts about the awesome trip.

1.  Running My First Marathon

Check out all the excitement surrounding the race here.


A lot of fun and so much to be thankful for.  2013 has the potential to be even more exciting with many adventures and challenges.  I can’t wait!

4 comments on “My 2012 Top 10 List

  1. dlauf3 says:

    What a memorable year! Huge life goal achieved! Ahhh… sweet succes!

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks for your help and support too. It was a lot of fun as well. Wondering what I’m going to set as a challenge for 2013…

  2. Wow! A year like that could be tough to top! Congrats on all of your accomplishments. And, I can tell you feel fortunate to be so blessed with such a wonderful family! Enjoy the holidays together. =]

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks Sarah! Merry Christmas to you and your family too!

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