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New York City, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Best Man and Saturday Night Live…More To Come

Alex and Jim went to see The Best Man with James Earl Jones, Angela Lansbury and others on our first night in town…I went to Jesus Christ Superstar – outstanding! Here’s another video from JCS.  It was the best of the best performances I’ve seen yet.  Loved it!

Hotel is great and will give a detailed review later.  Our room is wonderful.  See hotel pics of it –  The views are unbelievable from the balcony.  I took some video and pictures.


Second night – was to Saturday Night Live… and yes I mean the show.  Waiting in line for those of us with tickets was organized mass chaos.  Worse for those in standby.  However, wait and other things well worth it.  Alex and I were seated in the front row of stage left.  More on this awesome experience later – and it really was awesome too.  Sorry, my phone doesn’t take the best video – take a look –

Saturday Night Live Opening with Sofia Vergara

Click here for More on last nights SNL

This sketch was about 3 feet from our seats that were just above the stage

Here’s a slideshow of the pictures half way through trip.  We are off to St. Patrick‘s Cathedral for Mid Day Easter Mass.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More later…

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