New York Day 3 “Easter” at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Easter in New York is wonderful.  It was 70 degrees and sunny.  We went to Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral which was really crowded.   Cardinal Dolan was there and Alex tried to get a picture of him holding his camera up overhead.

 Afterwards we had a nice lunch and headed back to the room to change.  Jim and Alex tease me about my picture taking skills.  However, I thought this picture turned out rather nice…

Alex took this picture of Jim and I…

 Then Jim and Alex wanted to watch the Masters Golf Tournament while I headed out on foot to Central Park.

It was amazing.  The last time I sat in the Park, was after I finished the More/fitness Magazine’s Half Marathon – April 3, 2011.

Didn’t sit for very long – kept moving as you are supposed to do afterwards.  This is  Poets Row…so beautiful.

My walk was about 4 miles (3.82).  There are lots of great walking/running opportunities here.  Jim and Alex came up to the Park later in the afternoon.

On my way back to the hotel, the side walks were really crowded.  This was one of the first warm days for New Yorker’s (> 69 degrees).  I didn’t mind the crowds though.  It just makes it that much more interesting.

After I got back I had a nice glass of wine on the patio.  Alex and I walked around a little more later on and then settled in for our favorite shows that were about to start.  Jim, Alex and I were laughing so much about things that have happened during the trip, that I ended up with the hiccups (which I get a lot).  Everything is an hour later and so I didn’t  make it to the end of the Apprentice…fell asleep.

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Today we have a full itinerary and will share more later.


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