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  1. I was browsing through various blogs and came across yours. I’ll be running in KC next week, too! I live in Chicago now but am originally from KC. Best of luck!!

    • Julia-
      Good luck to you. It will be a great race. I hope to run in the Chicago Marathon some day. Let me know how you do after the race. Take care!

  2. Hey Anne, thank you for liking my blog. You have a great story, best of luck with the 20 miler today. It was around this time last year I did my first 20 miler in preparation for my first marathon – once you’ve done it, you know you’re on the right track. Pace it nice and easy at the start and I’m sure you’ll do great.

  3. Hi Anne
    Glad you liked my blog. I am thoroughly enjoying reading yours and wonder if you would mind me mentioning some of the really good stuff there on motivation or linking back to yours, always with your credits of course?

    • Hi Marilyn –
      Your blog is full of a lot of positive energy. The world needs more of that for sure. So more power to you and your blog. I also enjoy reading the writings of those so far away. I travel a lot in the US but besides a trip to Cancun, Mexico several years back, I’ve not traveled beyond the border. Thanks for stopping by and yes use whatever you like from my blog. Thanks for the back links too. Have a great day (or night)!

  4. Great Blog Anne. Thanks for checking my blog out. I am just getting my feet wet in the blogging world. Best of luck in the More/Fitness Half Marathon. I hope to finish my first this year.

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