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My Own 2012 Olympic Trials and the Treadmill Breakup

 I have not had an easy time getting back up to speed with my marathon training/ running since being sick.

Heat and humidity make it harder.

I have also rekindled my love/hate relationship with my treadmill and for a few days have not been on  speaking terms.  It may call, but I’m not answering and today…I showed it by running my  3 miles outside for the first time in a couple of weeks (and as you can see I have the red face to prove it).

Yes I know, my treadmill stood by me while I trained for my first half marathon.  Used it a lot due to snow and ice outside.  However, when I got back out on the road, it was harder.  I became accustomed to the belt pulling my feet along.  The steady and even strides, etc.  The road is different.  I think the treadmill (as my Mom would say) made me soft.  It is better than running in place though.  (I read recently where one runner ran in his bath tub with dirty clothes under foot to create resistance.  That is extreme).  

So, with that, I’m breaking it off.  We had our good times and bad times; Our ups  and downs.  We said some things we didn’t mean – especially when the speed showed 4.5 mph and I know I was running 6.5 mph (or felt like it anyway).   I didn’t really mean it when I said I was putting it up for sale on Craigslist.  Lost my head.  It can stay – I’ll go (outside that is).

Today’s running mantra…never give up!

Tomorrow 4 miles – in my pool.  I’m going to try this to see if I can build muscles back up with resistance of water running. This will help guard against injury and after watching the 2012 London Olympics, I’m even more inspired to try it out.

2 comments on “My Own 2012 Olympic Trials and the Treadmill Breakup

  1. Hello Anne, Dame Evelyn Glennie has asked me to leave the following message for you “When I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for Able Child Africa the one piece of advice that was constantly said to me was that I must do this for myself and for no other reason. At first I wondered why because the purpose was for one of my charities. However as the climb became tougher I realised that we become at one with ourselves and we look innermost for every ounce of strength to give. Therefore I would suggest you do the same – run for yourself and give the proceeds to charity!” good luck from all at the Evelyn Glennie Office.

    1. Anne says:

      Wow! Thank you for the message and for the advice. It really made my day! Dame Evelyn Glennie is an icon and love reading about all she has achieved. I hope you stop by again. I will stay in touch. All the best –

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