Pain…Hello Old Friend

How soon you forget all of the pings and pain that you pushed through early on in training.  After only a half mile, the muscles in my lower legs ached.  Almost a welcomed feeling.  Your first thought is to stop, but then you remember.  In the past it took to get to mile 3 sometimes before that pain went away.

That was my cue to push through it.

Today with the wind chill well below 0 Fahrenheit, I gathered up my gumption and headed to the Y.  Not being a member and not wanting to spend precious time filling out forms, I bargained with the clerk to let me do the treadmill today and I’ll come back with forms filled out tomorrow.

He agreed.


Because I am starting from 3+ years of doing nothing, I walked 2 miles at a pace of 3.4 miles per hour.  Could have gone another mile but not going to push it for today.

It felt pretty good and I just kept telling myself, “Be patient it will all come back in time.”

I don’t plan to spend all of my time at the Y, but on days like this, I’ll now have some where to go that is close to home.


I love winter.


Will be back out there soon enough.  For now, the treadmill is my friend.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

The Very Warm Run…Indoors

Spent the last couple of days in Kansas City…Love that town.

Yesterday morning headed to the gym at 5:30 a.m. so I could get my morning run in to start the day off right.

I was on the treadmill running a very warm 4 miles.  It takes extra motivation to continue running after the first mile on the treadmill.  It’s so easy to begin telling yourself that you don’t need to run as far because you need to…

  1. Get back to the room and go over notes for today’s meeting.
  2. Check email.
  3. Run less since you don’t want to go to meeting with a red face.
  4. Allow extra time to get to meeting since not been to address before.
  5. Allow extra time to cool down.
  6. About 100 other reasons to stop running.

I always have to fight that inner voice.  I didn’t listen to it and still had plenty of time to get everything done and to my meeting on time.

After some strategic planning with some very dynamic leaders, I started out for home.

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Lots of snow to look at…Fortunately, not on the road.

What’s the weather like where you are running?

My Own 2012 Olympic Trials and the Treadmill Breakup

 I have not had an easy time getting back up to speed with my marathon training/ running since being sick.

Heat and humidity make it harder.

I have also rekindled my love/hate relationship with my treadmill and for a few days have not been on  speaking terms.  It may call, but I’m not answering and today…I showed it by running my  3 miles outside for the first time in a couple of weeks (and as you can see I have the red face to prove it).

Yes I know, my treadmill stood by me while I trained for my first half marathon.  Used it a lot due to snow and ice outside.  However, when I got back out on the road, it was harder.  I became accustomed to the belt pulling my feet along.  The steady and even strides, etc.  The road is different.  I think the treadmill (as my Mom would say) made me soft.  It is better than running in place though.  (I read recently where one runner ran in his bath tub with dirty clothes under foot to create resistance.  That is extreme).  

So, with that, I’m breaking it off.  We had our good times and bad times; Our ups  and downs.  We said some things we didn’t mean – especially when the speed showed 4.5 mph and I know I was running 6.5 mph (or felt like it anyway).   I didn’t really mean it when I said I was putting it up for sale on Craigslist.  Lost my head.  It can stay – I’ll go (outside that is).

Today’s running mantra…never give up!

Tomorrow 4 miles – in my pool.  I’m going to try this to see if I can build muscles back up with resistance of water running. This will help guard against injury and after watching the 2012 London Olympics, I’m even more inspired to try it out.

Journey to the Center of the Gym

Well, so there I was, like Arleen Dahl (standing next to James Mason).

Making my way to the gym like embarking on an adventure of sorts.  Went to the front desk and no one was in sight – waited amongst a group of guys waiting to go in too.  After a few minutes left them to continue waiting I assured  them help would be there soon. Headed on into the center of the gym…the treadmills.  Went at it.  To insure complete privacy – (that no one jumps on the one right next to me), I run wildly flinging my arms and shouting at the TV.

It worked.  (I don’t really do that but it sounded funny anyway)

An hour and a half later I was finished.  Done with the 5 miles, stretches and 4 nautilus machines (legs).

I bid farewell to the girl at the desk who waved me on.  I told her…with the conviction of Arnold Scwartenhegger from that memorable scene from his movie, the Terminator, “I’ll be back.”

A good day…hope yours was too.  On to tomorrows run.