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Journey to the Center of the Gym

Well, so there I was, like Arleen Dahl (standing next to James Mason).

Making my way to the gym like embarking on an adventure of sorts.  Went to the front desk and no one was in sight – waited amongst a group of guys waiting to go in too.  After a few minutes left them to continue waiting I assured  them help would be there soon. Headed on into the center of the gym…the treadmills.  Went at it.  To insure complete privacy – (that no one jumps on the one right next to me), I run wildly flinging my arms and shouting at the TV.

It worked.  (I don’t really do that but it sounded funny anyway)

An hour and a half later I was finished.  Done with the 5 miles, stretches and 4 nautilus machines (legs).

I bid farewell to the girl at the desk who waved me on.  I told her…with the conviction of Arnold Scwartenhegger from that memorable scene from his movie, the Terminator, “I’ll be back.”

A good day…hope yours was too.  On to tomorrows run.

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