On with the Oscars, Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice

Well, after seeing Lisa’s new recruit in San Antonio, I had to get on the stick.  So here’s the Mid-MO’s newest LIFE Runner.  (“Pat, I got one!”)

It took a bit of coaxing…I had to promise more treats, a “Lassie” poster  and longer bathroom (outside) breaks .

Let's Go Run...

It’s all good…because she’s in – with all four paws too.

Another LIFE Runner...

Jim went with me  today.  He walked while I ran.   When I arrived back to the parking lot, he was waiting with the motor running.  We couldn’t take Cypress – dogs aren’t allowed on the trails.

Jim Waiting for Me After My Run

Here we are  afterwards.  Jim stopped the car and got out so I could get a picture of us.

Two Soul Mates and LIFE Runners

It was a great day and looking forward to tonight’s line up…The Oscars, The Amazing Race and The Celebrity Apprentice.

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