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On with the Oscars, Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice

Well, after seeing Lisa’s new recruit in San Antonio, I had to get on the stick.  So here’s the Mid-MO’s newest LIFE Runner.  (“Pat, I got one!”)

It took a bit of coaxing…I had to promise more treats, a “Lassie” poster  and longer bathroom (outside) breaks .

Let's Go Run...

It’s all good…because she’s in – with all four paws too.

Another LIFE Runner...

Jim went with me  today.  He walked while I ran.   When I arrived back to the parking lot, he was waiting with the motor running.  We couldn’t take Cypress – dogs aren’t allowed on the trails.

Jim Waiting for Me After My Run

Here we are  afterwards.  Jim stopped the car and got out so I could get a picture of us.

Two Soul Mates and LIFE Runners

It was a great day and looking forward to tonight’s line up…The Oscars, The Amazing Race and The Celebrity Apprentice.

One comment on “On with the Oscars, Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice

  1. Mary Jo Hitz says:

    So is Cypress your new best friend????

    You should have had your houseslippers on…..

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