LIFE Runners are Running Everywhere

Love running at Runge Nature Center.  The mulched trails especially are great – easy on the joints.  I always end up laughing a lot too at Alex’s impersonations of me as I run.

Alex @ Runge Nature Center Feb 25, 2012

Alex Reading While I Run @ Runge Feb 25, 2012

After our trip to the Nature Center, we went back home and did some grilling.  Had a pretty hot fire but made some awesome chicken, pork steaks, shrimp and hamburgers.  Alex wanted the shrimp – they made some in a class (Outdoor Education) he had this week at school and wanted to try it at home.   All was great!

While I was running in JC, some of my  LIFE Runner team mates were running too –

San Antonio LIFE Runners – Ran 5K Feb 25, 2012 (Picture Courtesy of Lisa Allen Skowron)

Today, I’m going to run 5 miles and maybe even take Cypress with me.  Maybe she’s a LIFE Runner too.  As I raise money for our sponsored charities, she might also do the same.  Maybe it will be a competition.  The only problem is I will have to keep her from eating her LIFE Runner shirt and chasing after anything that moves.

Do something extraordinary today – maybe run farther and faster… go out and show the world how great you are!

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