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Zumba and Billy Blanks – My Rockstar Cross-Training Today

Okay, so Billy Blanks is something from the past (15 years ago – for me) – it doesn’t matter.  I always loved all the cool boxing moves (or at least I thought they were anyway).  I spent 25 minutes doing the Taebo Basic Workout = 305 calories burned!

Then moved onto my Zumba Cardio Party – 45 minutes and burned 700 calories!

That was after following the good advice of my coach and good friend who suggested I take some Ibuprofen for my sore hip (running yesterday – probably IT Band).  Good advice!  Good workout too.  With all the running and such those workouts were not as difficult as I once thought.  Not bad.

Tomorrow…back to running again.  Also, I did my stretches too when I finished.   I actually feel pretty good.

I remember the first time I put that Zumba DVD in after ordering it a couple of years back, I couldn’t keep up and decided it was too hard.  Not any more.

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