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Bring On the Drums…Olympics Going for the Gold


Music moves my soul.  It envelopes every aspect of my life.  I was a drummer for 7 years.  Loved it with a passion.  Haven’t really played much since. I am tempted to get on my son’s set now and then.   My son Alex is a drummer now and his set happens to be in what we refer to now as my office.  He uses the same drum key I used in high school.  Pretty cool – I love telling people that.

Watching Evelyn Glennie play the drums the other night at the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics brought back a lot of great memories.

One of my favorite songs we’d play back then (in the late 70’s) was the Theme for Hawaii 5-0 – it opened with a rockin’ great drum solo.

Another one the stage band played a lot back then was  Chicago’s 25 to 6 to 4.

It was a busy Sunday.  All the cooking is done, went to Church, did a short run and took care of some other projects.  Now I’m ready to start the week.

The Olympics have been pretty impressive.  Lots of great events and much more to come.  Can’t wait!


One comment on “Bring On the Drums…Olympics Going for the Gold

  1. Dolores says:

    you look behind the drums again!

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