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A Full Refrigerator = A Happy Family…Blessed to Have Both

I have not been able to run for 10 days due to illness.  Just now getting back to it.  Running inside to try to make it easier on lungs.  Not one of my best work outs but I knew it would be like this for a while.  I’ll get back to where I was soon enough.

Prepped food for the week.  A full refrigerator = a happy family (at least at my house any way).  I’m not finished though…I do some on Saturday and then the rest on Sunday.

Here’s what is on tap for tomorrow.

We all take our lunches and this way there is plenty for dinner and lunch.  We just heat things up through out the week.

Alex doesn’t eat everything I fix but he loves Chimichangas.  I fix these mainly for him.  They aren’t the healthiest because they are fried, but I know what goes in them though too.  Not preservatives and other such things.

We also eat a lot of raw fruit.  I try to eat at least 1 apple every day.  Then 2 other fruits.  Peaches are in season now and sold locally.  We’ve picked up a lot of those lately.  Also, I love Ruby Red Grapefruit but they haven’t been so easy to find.  This week we are going to be eating a lot of watermelon.  I cut up a whole one for us.   Also eat a lot of yogurt between meals with Bob’s Red Mill Vegetable Protein granules mixed in it for texture and the added protein.

The meal I look forward to the most though is breakfast.  My favorite Dunkin Donuts coffee and a protein bar.  Nothing better.

One comment on “A Full Refrigerator = A Happy Family…Blessed to Have Both

  1. Mary Jo says:

    All the food sounds great!!! Can Greg and I come and eat at your house?????

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