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David Letterman’s Top Ten List for 2011???

I don’t know what is on David Letterman‘s list, but here is the Top Ten list of my “best things” from 2011.

#10.   Trip to NYC for More Half Marathon in April.

#9.     Jim surprising me with my red VW convertible.

#8.      Jeremy and Anne’s Wedding (nephew)

Below: Jeremy escorted his Mom (my sister BK) down the aisle.

#7.      Finishing 2 half marathons this year.

#6.      MJ, Dolores, Hunter, Jim and Alex being in KC together in October.

#5.       Being  in Central Park once again.

#4.       Joining up with National LIFE Runners!

#3.     Kelsey’s H.S. Graduation  (So proud of Kelsey – top of the class – and her Mom, Carrie who had the odds stacked against her starting out with Kelsey and like the fighter she is, came through with flying colors…a (single) Mom who lacks no courage!

#2.     Celebrated 27 years of marriage with Jim.

Drum roll (I can say that because I’m a drummer…or was).

#1      Seeing Alex’s plane appearing through the clouds at St. Louis Lambert Airport arriving back from 3 weeks in Europe this summer (my eyes tear up as I type this).

2 comments on “David Letterman’s Top Ten List for 2011???

  1. Dolores says:

    Wow what a year! A lot of big goals met and happy family events! 2011 was definitely a high for your 49th year. Things are looking up for the big 50!

  2. Mary Jo says:

    I love this!

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