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Owning the Road and Laughter from Heaven

Today, I went out for a morning run/walk.  With the wind in my face, I managed to get in 4 miles.  I really didn’t mind the cold.  I am going to try to get some kind of run in each day this week.  Every chance I got, when I was running, I’d run in the middle of the roadOwn it! I love that feeling.  Not off to the side like a footnote in an article, no, more like the bolded type of the title.   Love that!

I’m still torn about April 15th.  My LIFE Runner chapter is running in the GO St. Louis half marathon on that same day.  I feel the need to be with them, but find it hard to pass on the More Magazine’s Half in Central Park.  I know I’ve done it now twice and that’s plenty, but there is something so empowering about that one.  Both were great experiences also – it’s in my favorite place…Central Park.  There’s also so much excitement that builds online and else where, leading up to race day.

I’ll decide about that soon.

Mickie’s Visitation was today  – pretty sad.  She was fairly young and it was sudden.  Her family is still in shock.  Prayers to them.  The funeral is tomorrow.   They placed a picture of Mickie with her dog on the midnight blue casket (beautiful).  Mickie would have loved that.  She is probably laughing it up with her Mom, Dad, sister and others in heaven filling them in on all they missed out on since they left.   If tonight, you hear a roar or some kind of loud thunderous sound, don’t be alarmed, that’s just the souls in heaven, laughing, stomping their feet and carrying on over Mickie and her stories.

I know which ever event I choose to run in this April, Mickie will probably be running with me.  She was one of my sponsors when I ran my first half marathon in 2010 – raised $1000 for Vitae.

Looking forward to a great week and wishing you one too.

2 comments on “Owning the Road and Laughter from Heaven

  1. Tim Lorang says:

    Hello, Anne! My condolences to you over the death of your cousin & good friend. Mickie sounds like a person who lived life to the fullest. Come to think of it, I did hear a “roar” come from heaven a couple days ago …. and I thought it was thunder (huh!). I know better, now. 🙂

    May the laughter from heaven continue for Mickie & her family/your family, and may you continue to be inspired in your own life by the beautiful memories of her that you hold dear.

    Have a wonderful, God-filled week, Anne!
    –Tim Lorang

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