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Flight, Fright or Face and Embrace

My driver’s license episode.  Had to renew.  It had been 6 years since the last time.  Once you have your birth certificate and get up to the counter, it was always a breeze.  That was then.  Today I barely passed the eye exam.  I felt like someone was playing a joke on me or something.  The top row was blurred.  I asked the attendant if they needed to clean the lense.  Some of the other rows were hard to even make out.  Unreal.  I knew my vision was bad at night and have tried to avoid a lot of night trips, but didn’t realize just how bad it was till today.

Didn’t need that right now.

To read more about what it’s like to turn 50 (2 days away)  if you’re not there yet, or are and want to reminisce read my hub article of the same title as this post.

Here is a video of my family growing up.  I’m in the white flower girl dress.  Others in the video are my Mom and Dad, BK, Dolores, MJ and George.

Can you believe that little girl in the video is 50?  Me neither!

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