How to Rock 2018

How to Rock 2018

I just came back from a three year exercise/diet  hiatus.  I won’t bore you with the details as to why, but I’m older and heavier which makes it harder to get back into an exercise routine.  I started running because I wanted to run a half marathon before I turned 50.  Since then I’ve finished six half’s and one full marathon.  My last race was in the fall of 2013.

So this is going to be my comeback.

Scenic Road In A Forest

I’ve signed on to Noom to help with a diet to lose the weight and get an exercise plan.  Also pulling up some good recipes and plans from past.

Maybe a little too ambitious but I’m signing up for the Shape Half Marathon in New York’s Central Park on April 14.    #WomenRunTheWorld #BigMotivation

So here’s my plan:

Stay Hydrated…

  • 64 ounces of water each day.



  • 1200 calorie diet – low sugar, salt and fat from all food groups.
  • Enlisted help of Noom.
  • Follow 6 small meals each day.
  • Cook everything on  weekend and prepare lunches for the week.



  • Start off with 3 mile walks and some core strengthening exercises.
  • Build up to light jogs.
  • Increase strength training and intensity over time.
  • Warm up and cool down.
  • Stretching

woman walking towards unknown places


  • Create a video in my  mind of what it will be like to be fit again.
  • Get great music on tap to listen to during such.

There’s more to the plan but this is just to get me started.


Running Out of Gas

After 2 full months of (much-needed – :)) rest, I did some running…finally.  Not a lot though.  Just enough to make me realize I am really out of shape.  So it’s time to dig in and get going.    One thing I need to do also is to cut out the fast food and go back to more wholesome diet of fresh foods from home.  Otherwise I’m no different from my car running on empty.


I feel my best when I’m training.  More energy and firing on all cylinders.  I have large and medium LIFE Runner shirts.  Fortunately, haven’t needed the large since that April picture.  Another reason to get back at it.

Picture3My last 5K run was at the end of April…I won first in my age division though.  My teammate Sharonda won 1st in the women’s division…she was 2 months pregnant.  Blessings to her – I just saw her Saturday and she is doing great!

photo (14)After taking some time off, I’m ready to get going.   Ran this weekend with other teammates including Gyongyver (3rd from left) who ran in the April 5K.  While in NYC in April, Kristina and I stopped by the NYRR headquarter’s that was day before running the half marathon with 10,000 other women in Central Park.  Pretty awesome stuff.

photo (15)This last weekend also enjoyed running with good friend/teammate Karla Lang (triathlete).  Love this picture of her – sheer determination in her face – Omaha, Nebraska Triathlon in early June.

969703_205779859570653_173886884_n (1)She is a “rock star!”

Some of the local LIFE Runners are meeting Saturday for a run by the Capitol.  Lot’s of great fun.

life runner run

When and where is your next run???

Have a great week!






David Letterman’s Top Ten List for 2011???

I don’t know what is on David Letterman‘s list, but here is the Top Ten list of my “best things” from 2011.

#10.   Trip to NYC for More Half Marathon in April.

#9.     Jim surprising me with my red VW convertible.

#8.      Jeremy and Anne’s Wedding (nephew)

Below: Jeremy escorted his Mom (my sister BK) down the aisle.

#7.      Finishing 2 half marathons this year.

#6.      MJ, Dolores, Hunter, Jim and Alex being in KC together in October.

#5.       Being  in Central Park once again.

#4.       Joining up with National LIFE Runners!

#3.     Kelsey’s H.S. Graduation  (So proud of Kelsey – top of the class – and her Mom, Carrie who had the odds stacked against her starting out with Kelsey and like the fighter she is, came through with flying colors…a (single) Mom who lacks no courage!

#2.     Celebrated 27 years of marriage with Jim.

Drum roll (I can say that because I’m a drummer…or was).

#1      Seeing Alex’s plane appearing through the clouds at St. Louis Lambert Airport arriving back from 3 weeks in Europe this summer (my eyes tear up as I type this).

NYC Marathon Go for the Gustoe!!

How exciting!  I’ve read about so many bloggers that are in or headed to NYC for the marathon this weekend.  Some, are part of the crowd of 45,000 runners that will be crossing over start after 8:30 am.  Beginning at 6:30 am at our house, we will have a breakfast of champions.  Eggs, toast, potatoes and bacon along with juice and coffee.  Then will head out for a short runWill plan to be back to watch live coverage online.  Also, will be tweeting and blogging along the way.  I’ve located blogs of some of the runners and will target 10 that I plan to follow race day…maybe there are some even from Jefferson City?   Tune in and be a part of the action.

Sunday, the eyes of many passionate runners will be on NYC and running in spirit right along side those that are there meeting the challenge.  Prayers to all the runners and best wishes for a great race!  Game on…to the max!

Todays Fresh Mix of Mash

Last week, I bought a copy of Jillian Michael’s book, “Master Your Metabolism.”  It’s about identifying and correcting hormone imbalance so your body’s metabolism functions at peak efficiency.  Did you know, that diabetes causes you to gain weight in the abdominal area?  Also, that is a sign that you have too much insulin in your system.  Abdominal obesity – for women abs that measure more than 35 inches.  I have done a lot of reading over the years but that’s the first time I’ve ever read that.  I think this book may be onto something.

I used to be able to lose weight fairly easily, but the last few years, all I can do is put it on and not take it off.

It’s been 2 weeks since the half marathon in KC…so recovery is over.  I have walked and run a little during that period but not a lot.  I’ve dropped about 6 pounds too.  It’s not hard to be motivated to exercise with the beautiful weather we’ve been having.  I love seeing the shapes of the Sycamore trees they stand out due to their white bark.  They are like living art along with the colored background of all the other trees.

I am continuing my exercise regimen and hope to overcome whatever the issue is with my metabolism so I can lose the extra 20 pounds.  Jillian Michael’s may be my “wing girl” as I go through these motions.

I am getting a lot done this weekend.  Many things that I had to let go while my training increased for the race.  I’m finishing some things up today along with some more cooking.  Yesterday I made some Beef Enchiladas, Spicey Tuna Cakes and 2 loaves of bread.  Today, I’m making Alex’s Chimichanga‘s, chicken salad and celery/carrot sticks.

Also, I have patiently waited 2 months for my highlight to grow out.  If you recall, 2 months ago a well-intentioned hair dresser gave me darker hair than what I was used to or preferred.

I had it lightened as much as possible, but had to settle for a different level of blond than my usual.



This is what I’ve been waiting to get back to and can’t wait to even make the appt this week.  I know that hair is pretty frivolous when weighed against World current events, economy, etc.  However, I more handily deal with that and other things when my hair is the best it can be.  Me and Samson, it’s all about the hair.  No wonder I didn’t finish under 3 hours in KC!  It was the hair.

Who’s up for a quick trip to NYC in April???  The  More/fitness Magazine’s Half Marathon is April 15th in 2012.  We could raise a lot of money for PRC‘s,  go to a fabulous health expo and pre-race dinner.  Get our hair done at my favorite salon – Jean Claude Biguine on Avenue of the Americas and run with some incredible women through the best park in the U.S.  What could be better?

Where is your favorite travel destination??