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Running Out of Gas

After 2 full months of (much-needed – :)) rest, I did some running…finally.  Not a lot though.  Just enough to make me realize I am really out of shape.  So it’s time to dig in and get going.    One thing I need to do also is to cut out the fast food and go back to more wholesome diet of fresh foods from home.  Otherwise I’m no different from my car running on empty.


I feel my best when I’m training.  More energy and firing on all cylinders.  I have large and medium LIFE Runner shirts.  Fortunately, haven’t needed the large since that April picture.  Another reason to get back at it.

Picture3My last 5K run was at the end of April…I won first in my age division though.  My teammate Sharonda won 1st in the women’s division…she was 2 months pregnant.  Blessings to her – I just saw her Saturday and she is doing great!

photo (14)After taking some time off, I’m ready to get going.   Ran this weekend with other teammates including Gyongyver (3rd from left) who ran in the April 5K.  While in NYC in April, Kristina and I stopped by the NYRR headquarter’s that was day before running the half marathon with 10,000 other women in Central Park.  Pretty awesome stuff.

photo (15)This last weekend also enjoyed running with good friend/teammate Karla Lang (triathlete).  Love this picture of her – sheer determination in her face – Omaha, Nebraska Triathlon in early June.

969703_205779859570653_173886884_n (1)She is a “rock star!”

When and where is your next run???

Have a great week!

2 comments on “Running Out of Gas

  1. Simone says:

    My next run is the Janesville (WI) half-marathon in Sept. It always seems hard coming back to running after a break but sometimes it’s just what the body needs. Good luck!

    1. Anne says:

      Simone, You are so right. I went out for a run with my group yesterday and really did poorly. I was actually embarrassed about how badly I did. I think I needed that though to kick it up a notch and get back to serious training. So today I headed out. Still didn’t do great but need to get out much earlier which I will tomorrow. Good luck with your race in Janesville. I love running in cooler weather but I’m just thankful I can run.

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