To Run a Marathon

I loved training for and then running that full marathon last October.  There’s nothing like it.  So cool, I watched the first “Spirit of the Marathon” last year and now there the sequel.   Watch the trailer here.

Spirit of the Marathon.

Well after church and lunch came time for the pool.  Not 30 minutes later and began to hear the thunder as dark clouds rolled in…then came the storm.

photo (3)So we moved inside and what else…cooked.   Started with some fresh-baked bread as always…

photo (6)Then moved to Egg Fried Rice with Shrimp.  Cypress had to check in on my progress.

photo (7)Still need to make a few other things, but then took a break with Alex and went for a 30 minute walk after rain stopped.

I love the wild flowers that grow along the highways.  So took my phone along to take some pictures.

photo (11)

Queen Anne’s Lace

photo (10)

Red Clover

photo (9)

My Dad’s favorite…Black Eyed Susan‘s.vol49no1_1B

Always enjoy spending time with Alex especially since he will be heading off to college soon.

cf5e7030dc6611e2bcf322000aaa033b_7Have a great week, don’t forget to train and make it all count!!!

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