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NYC Marathon Go for the Gustoe!!

How exciting!  I’ve read about so many bloggers that are in or headed to NYC for the marathon this weekend.  Some, are part of the crowd of 45,000 runners that will be crossing over start after 8:30 am.  Beginning at 6:30 am at our house, we will have a breakfast of champions.  Eggs, toast, potatoes and bacon along with juice and coffee.  Then will head out for a short runWill plan to be back to watch live coverage online.  Also, will be tweeting and blogging along the way.  I’ve located blogs of some of the runners and will target 10 that I plan to follow race day…maybe there are some even from Jefferson City?   Tune in and be a part of the action.

Sunday, the eyes of many passionate runners will be on NYC and running in spirit right along side those that are there meeting the challenge.  Prayers to all the runners and best wishes for a great race!  Game on…to the max!

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