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ING New York Marathon Openning Ceremonies Just Finished – Awesome!

I just got back from an overnight trip to KC and just in time to watch the opening ceremonies for THE NYC Marathon – live @  – As always…I wish I was there.  Click here to see the course.

I go to KC about once a week and every trip home I am welcomed back by this beautiful Sycamore tree.  Today I got a quick picture of it before any semi’s caught up with me.

I am so psyched about the marathon.  I remember last year I didn’t get to watch it live but this year, I am definitely going to be ready.  I have my thunder stick and will be tweeting all the way through anne@acarm – follow along if you like.

Saturday night, the runners will be setting down to a  huge carbo-loaded pasta dinner in the long-standing marathon tradition.  Sounds like Saturday will be spaghetti night.  Go Runners!!

Edison Pena, the rescued Chilean miner that ran last year’s marathon is back to do it again.  The poor guy has had a tough year but he is fighting back and he said he’s running because it’s therapeutic.  I hope he is able to overcome his demons that are obviously from his 69 days that he was trapped in that mine.  I’m going to be following him and tweeting on his progress.  Go Edison!

Click here to see him on Letterman   If you didn’t think that was something, watch his Elvis impersonation.  Love it!

You can follow any runner with this app – click on it and it’ll tell you what to do to download it.  It’s $2.99 at the iTunes app store.

Tomorrow is the Health Expo so there’ll be more then…

Have a great night!

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