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Easing Into a New Way of Life…

Well, I finished reading Jillian Michael’s “Master Your Metabolism.”

Man, she is hell on whole foods and grains  and a chemical free environment.   I have never entertained the idea of going organic and really didn’t care what I cleaned with as long as it did the job…not to mention those chemicals and such used in the yard.



She says its everything — all of that stuff that has caused a change in our hormones that make up our metabolism.  It’s a complex issue and the solution is not going to be an overnight change.

Organic to me has meant – worms in the produce, expensive options as well as inconvenient and products that don’t  get the job done.

I always have to process things a bit.  Then revisit some of the information.  I also looked some things up online too.  Well, tonight I had my first grass-fed beef – KC Strip.  Wow!  It was delicious.  Also, a lot more tender than the corn-fed beef.  These steaks were from Hy Vee and they were about $6.00 each.  Also, picked up items to follow her diet and some were – organic too.  I’m just wading into this.  Not saying yet that I’m going all the way with it, but I have to say she makes a lot of sense.  Of course all of this goes hand in hand with exercise.

She suggests you go through your pantry, frig, etc. and throw out all the bad stuff.

I’m not going to do that – overwhelming, for sure.  We are just going to do a little here and there and eventually if all goes well, we’ll end up where we need to be.  It’s very exhausting though.  Some things she says are big offenders, are things I’ve been using for my entire life, like Sweet N Low artificial sweetener.  She says your better off using real sugar just not much of it.  Also, real butter not margarine.  The list is extremely long.  Her diet isn’t as complex and it is a combination of whole foods from all food groups.  To get you started she gives you some easy options.

Will keep you posted…I never thought I’d be eating organic food.  I have to say though what I’ve tasted so far is a lot better than I ever expected.

Now back to the NYC Marathon.   See you in the morning @ 7 am

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