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Runners On Your Mark…Waddell & Reed KC Marathon/Half Marathon

Tomorrow at this time, I will be two-thirds through the course.  I always get really nervous the day before.  Thinking of all the what ifs – also I start buying a ton of stuff I don’t need.  I’ve already started a list, but not going there.  Trying to focus on drinking water every hour and eating well.  I had my favorite Yogurt Parfait from Star Bucks this morning.  It’s loaded with carbs but also the yogurt gives it a balance of protein too.  I did have some coffee but not much.  I have attended 2 banquets in the last few days (last one was last night).  Salty food and lots of standing (running at the Vitae event) in heels has caused me to begin retaining fluid.  I’ve been drinking lemon water to try to off set it.  Would like to lose it before tomorrow.  I’m walking around a lot today in my tennis shoes, so I hope it goes away.

I am in KC – came back last night for the Advice and Aid  banquet.  However, I have to switch hotels this morning.  Getting ready to check out and then have to go run some errands.  I am going to check out the course and then head to the Health Expo.  I saw one of the KC TV stations news teams were broadcasting live from there this morning.  It’s all pretty exciting.

I keep telling myself this is nothing more than one of my long runs.  Then I saw the news shot of all the runners and back came the nervous feelings.  No more of that.  I’ve done this before – no fear!

Can’t wait to meet up with my team.  There’s still time to donate to if you haven’t had time.  Click on the link under my picture to the right side of blog.  Thanks to all who have sponsored me for this race.  Our team has raised $32,000 for pregnancy care centers (1 in South Dakota and 1 in KC, KS).  Next year we will probably double that amount.

Here’s the start of last years race.

Here’s  a girl finishing last years.

Two of my sisters are coming up and one is bringing her granddaughter too.  Jim and Alex will be here too.  A friend is staying at our house with our high maintenance dog cypress.

Well, this is it…till after it’s over.

Have a great day and pray for a great race!

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