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Great Event with Laura Ingraham and 72 Hours to Race Day

Well, the Vitae Foundation event with Laura Ingraham last  night was a huge success!  We had a great crowd and the energy level was electric.  I love gathering with our donors in Kansas City.  There is something special that goes on in that market between the donors, the pregnancy centers, the church leadership and other pro-life organizations.  It’s a great community and they have achieved wonderful things to make a difference in the lives of many.

I did get in a 3 mile run yesterday morning and also did some additional leg exercises.  I am so glad I did because I had so much more energy and am more alert the days I run.  These events are physically challenging.  I was up to it though thanks to my training.   I didn’t eat dinner – no time – busy visiting with donors and getting to people I needed to see before time to speak.  I actually was up out of my seat visiting when my cue came to come to the stage.  Always need to  be in 3 places at once.  I met two of my team mates from the LIFE Runners team that were there last night too.  Can’t wait to hook up with all 170 of them this Friday!  They come from 20 states and you can click on this link to go to their website.


One of the women that saw our ad and sought help due to such, was there last night with the baby she gave birth to following that experience.  She gave a very moving and emotional testimony while her daughter toddled around her.  She spoke of how she thought that abortion was her only option until she saw the sign and went to the Center for help.  She overcame so many obstacles to carry her baby to term – including being robbed of the little she had.  It brought down the house.  She was amazing!  When she finished she threw her arms in the air and said thank you to all of you for caring to put those ads up – most of the people in that room were those who paid for that effort.  It was wonderful.  Laura Ingraham didn’t let her back pain she was experiencing, get in the way of delivering a very powerful presentation.  She is a very strong, straight forward speaker with a great message.  Everyone loved her and again jumped to their feet when she finished – for a standing ovation.

After Alex and I returned to the hotel when we were finished with things and said good-by to the staff that were driving back (all worked really hard), we headed to the restaurant for a late night snack.  I hate eating that late but at this point was starved – so of course I didn’t make very good food choices (hamburger and fries).  The restaurant was closed and had to order from the bar which had a limited menu.  Well that’s how it goes…

My feet are a little sore this morning but  nothing major – no blisters or anything.  Now I’m looking ahead to this Saturdays race.  I need to get really focused after I finish up some things today with the event.

What a good feeling it is to walk away from such an amazing evening  – knowing that the hundreds of thousands of dollars raised will be used to save more lives while changing hearts and minds.


2 comments on “Great Event with Laura Ingraham and 72 Hours to Race Day

  1. Mary Jo Hitz says:

    I’m glad your event went so well!! You sound like you’re ready for Saturday. We have our reservations made. Talk to you later!

  2. Dolores says:

    Wow! Prayers answered! So glad this event was a first success of even more to come this week… Looking forward to it!

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