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NYC Marathon Week – Would Love to Be There

Wow! This Sunday, November 6th, is the NYC ING Marathon.  Start time for first wave is 8 a.m. CT; 9 a.m. ET.  If you want to watch live go to  Mario Lopez, host of EXTRA! is lacing up for the big event.  Last year 45,000 runners took to the streets of New York City’s 5 boroughs.  NBC had a delayed broadcast of it the afternoon of the race.

The Chilean miner, Edison Pena who trained by running 3 – 6 miles a day while trapped in the mine, ran the marathon also.  He was on Late Night with David Letterman and if you didn’t see it you’ve gotta watch – he is great!

One of the reasons I am so fascinated with marathons, is how they bring out the best in people.  To get the details for this years marathon and race week activities, go to

To put the size of this marathon in perspective, there are more people running in this event, than the number that lives in my home town.

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