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Long Run = Hard Work


Yesterday I ran my longest stretch in 5 months…10 miles.  Even though I’ve run further in the past, it was still hard.

It’s suppose to be.

For me,  there are 3 stages to each of my long runs…

Stage 1. Why is this so hard?  Should have trained more.
Stage 2. I could run like this for miles. 
Stage 3. Why does this hurt so much? Am I almost there ? 

It was a cool 53 degrees when I started out.


Not so nice for Dolores though who was riding her bike ahead of me. My fingers warmed up after 3 miles and easily broke a sweat around that same time.   In all those miles, I only saw a lone frog and that was closer to the end.  No bugs/animals were stirring.

I had a banana and plenty of water during the run and an apple afterwards.

It’s always a great feeling to know you just finished a long run.

What’s your long run like?


One comment on “Long Run = Hard Work

  1. I go through those stages as well. After a few miles this past sunday I thought I could run for ever. When we got down to the last 4 or 5 miles I was in pain.
    For me, I can run a half marathon and not feel much pain. Between 15 and 20 miles I start to have pain and wonder why the hell I’m doing this! I have not found a way to prevent this pain yet.

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