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Busy Week Didn’t Impede Running

Enjoying a glass of wine with Jim after the Vitae KC Event with Dr. Ben Carson

It was a busy week leading up to my largest event for Vitae Friday night.

photo (20)

It couldn’t have gone any better and am so grateful to all that made it so including Dr. Ben Carson.  photo (23)

It was 1,100 strong and sold out 4 weeks before event.
photo (21)

Dr. Carson was such an inspiration to all that came and he was keenly interested in everyone he met (24)

The show must go on so I still had to get my morning runs in and it wasn’t easy.  I still have to do an 11 mile long run and will do so in the next couple of days.

After the event in KC we went to Kirksville  for parents weekend at Alex’s school.  photo (2)

Unfortunately we didn’t make hotel reservations until a few weeks ago so we had to stay about 45 minutes away in a motel that was interesting to say the least.

It had wall to wall beds in the room.

photo (17)

Then there were the vending machines

photo (16)

The people there were nice and it was clean so that’s all that matters.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Alex.

photo (5)

He loves being with his Dad especially.  They are like 2 peas in a pod. photo (25)

Jim gives him much advice but always lets Alex be (31)

photo (29)

He will always be my little (27)We finished the trip off by helping him carry stuff to his room.  Here’s some pics of his space…

photo (7)When your bed is lofted where else to put alarm clock but???

photo (9)We had a great weekend with Alex and awesome Vitae event in KC and ready to get back home.

photo (12)Crossing over the bridge to home…

photo (13)I hope your week was as good as mine.

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