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Warm Running

This morning, headed out the door at 8:30.  Ran 2 miles to the gym, did another 2 miles on a treadmill there (trying to cool down a bit).  Then finished last 2 going back home.  It was pretty warm on the way back home.  Last year I drank Coconut Water while running in the heat to help with hydration.  photo (1)We were having record heat wave/drought at the time.  This was last August in Overland Park at 8 in the morning.


This is a picture of me  after one of those hot runs last year – red faced runner.

photo (15)

This year the temps have been cooler and I’m training for a half  not a full marathon this time.

So this mornings heat kind of took me by surprise.  After I finished, I continued drinking water (with ice pack on my head) but also grabbed some salt and ate a peach too (while sweating profusely).

But now I needed to get ready for Mass.  What a mess.  The warm shower didn’t help nor the hot air coming out of the hair dryer.  My hair never dried due to constant perspiration.  Then powder makeup became a clay mask on my wet face.

Our drive to church was like being in a wind tunnel because I had to have the air on full blast (freezing Jim out).


During the homily, our Pastor shared that the air conditioning wasn’t working on the other side of the Church.  So glad we didn’t sit over there.

It’s been 3 1/2 hours since I finished running and still warm.  Drinking plenty of fluids though so I will be fine.

Don’t let heat sneak up on you…it’s not nice.

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