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Got My Run In…How ‘Bout You

The treadmill.  Repetitive running.  Not a fan.  When the temp is high and I didn’t run at dawn…It doesn’t matter.  Just part of the training. Went to Wilson’s (not to be confused with this Wilson).


To beat off the doldrums, it’s a good time to work on thought discipline. Pushing out negative and focusing in on positive thoughts.  Also, a good time to pray too – which I do a lot.   That takes your mind off  of the time ticking away on the dashboard.  So I focused in on an object directly ahead and with good running posture, started off – mind and body in sync.

When I finished, I did my usual stretches and then did some leg extensions to strengthen my quads.  So on this Saturday night I got my run in and am glad I did.


What’s your running plan?  What races are you training for?


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