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Make Someones Day and Then Go Run

I received the nicest email this morning from one of my LIFE Runner teammates.  What a wonderful gesture.  She said she read the LIFE Group Devotion that is emailed out each morning.  The Devotion has a “Faith Challenge” which today’s said to,  “Identify a person in your life whose Faith in God is an example and inspiration to you.  529347_4325829949445_2045359497_nLet them know in person or through prayer, because living or dead, God chose them to help lead you closer to Him!”

life runners prefontaine

Wow, in her email, she indicated I was one of those people for her.    I was really moved.  Ironically, for me, LIFE Runners has done so much to change my life and much of the change was due to the people that make up the team.  They are the best.


Her email was like body armor that I suited up with for the day.  Just think if everyone received such a message before they headed out the door each morning.  How that alone would change our world.

I am going to make a point to begin letting other people know how they have helped me.  Joanne, may have started something.

Also, I want to say that our National LIFE Runners team is such a source of inspiration.  The people are the best.  It will change your life forever.  Thank you  to Joanne for sending me her email today.  I truly believe that God led us all to be on the same team.  It was no accident and I am so blessed to have such great running friends that unite for such a wonderful cause…life!  If you want to know the same kind of joy…I challenge  you to join us  It’s all good!


St. Louis Rock and Roll Marathon 2012, National LIFE Runners Team

See you on the streets!


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