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Make Someones Day and Then Go Run

I received the nicest email this morning from one of my teammates.  What a wonderful gesture.  She said she read the devotion that is emailed out each morning.  The devotion has a “Faith Challenge” which today’s said to,  “Identify a person in your life whose Faith in God is an example and inspiration to you.  529347_4325829949445_2045359497_nLet them know in person or through prayer, because living or dead, God chose them to help lead you closer to Him!”

Wow, in her email, she indicated I was one of those people for her.    I was really moved.


Her email was like body armor that I suited up with for the day.  Just think if everyone received such a message before they headed out the door each morning.  How that alone would change our world.

I am going to make a point to begin letting other people know how they have helped me.  Joanne, may have started something.

Also, I want to say that our team is such a source of inspiration.  The people are the best.  It will change your life forever.  Thank you  to Joanne for sending me her email today.  I truly believe that God led us all to be on the same team.  It was no accident and I am so blessed to have such great running friends that unite for such a wonderful cause…life!

St. Louis Rock and Roll Marathon 2012

See you on the streets!

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