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What is Your Kryptonite?

downloadNegative energy is like Kryptonite – it’s the same for most people. Visualize negative energy like a net with weights that if caught in, drags you down.  Everything you see/visualize is now colored by such.  No longer are your big ideas big or exciting.  Now all you see are all of the problems/obstacles.  Everything is wrong.

  • What do you do to stay positive?
  • How do you stay out from under the net or near the Kyptonite?

Feel Good Girl, had a pretty good  post on the subject here:

According to Runwiki, it’s not just the negative energy you have to guard against but also the negative people too.  Read more about that here

bigstock-yellow-warning-sign-of-bad-wea-21277988Don’t let the negative energy or otherwise sabotage your dreams and ideas.  It’s those ideas that move the world forward and you across a finish line.  bigstock-along-the-road-31765295As a runner, I know you have to keep the mind game on a short leash. Using mantras, and otherwise to keep yourself charged and going forward.

Do the same at work and other places where you encounter the negative.  Pull out your lead shield and beat it back.  You can’t afford the drain.  Then get back on track and continue to visualize the things others may consider impossible.

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