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My Best Race Yet…Ahead of Me

Timeline_Cover_doNotRename53The last 3 weeks have been pretty tough.  They are behind me though and now looking ahead to the Crazy Horse Half Marathon in the Black Hills.

Today we  headed to the park – Jim walked while I ran 3 miles.  It felt good, no problems.  Did lots of stretching.

Then we came home and worked in the yard for 2 hours.

photo (14)

Brush from trimming.

photo (12)

Gave our bushes and Japanese Maple a hair cut.

My running goal for the week: 19 miles.

Still missing our Cypress…



Constantly thinking about what Alex is doing…


Alex (smiling, sunglasses with red jacket) on school bus trip to Chicago, earlier this year.

Knowing he will be fine without our constant parental advice/direction at college.

Back to lots of running because this will be my best race yet!


More later…


One comment on “My Best Race Yet…Ahead of Me

  1. pwhent says:

    Nice post. However well I do in races I always think my best race is ahead of me. I guess that makes us both optimists!!

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