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The 6 am Running Call

Did you hear it this morning???  That was the 6 am run calling you.

images (3)I rose to the call (even though I don’t know those people).

It went like this –

4:30 – Coffee, protein bar, vitamins

5:30 – Get suited up

6:00 – Adjust sprinklers before leaving, grab gear and go.

I actually drove to another location to run.  Changing it up keeps it interesting for me.  Also, I changed my shoes up again – wore my Vibram‘s.

photo (1)

Running in the early morning is critical during extreme heat spells especially.  Today I ran 3.5 miles and walked 1 mile.  Making progress getting back on track from my 2.5 month hiatus.

That early morning call forces me to get other things in order and be more organized.  Additionally, it forces me back to better eating.  I’m not saying that I’m giving up Friday night pizza – I had a salad though too, but when I finished my run, I had an apple and yogurt along with more water.

Now I’m ready to conquer the rest of my day.

Have a great one!



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