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Consistency…Run No Matter What

It’s all about running over and over again.  Consistency, it is the game changer.  To have the discipline to push through other stuff and get out there to run.  That makes all the difference.

Where do you rate on the scale.  For me I do okay but could do better.

photoOkay, that surprised gal in the green behind Sister Doris, is me.  I went to a gathering in Leawood, KS Sunday evening because several of my Vitae donors might be there too.  The next morning, I put on my tennis shoes before my host was up and headed out the door of the home I was a guest in at 6 am.  They are used to me doing that when I stay.  That’s consistency.  No matter where I am I have to run.  Sometimes I’m better at it when away than when at home.  I love taking advantage of the gym’s at the hotels I stay at when traveling.  If I have more than a few miles to go though, I head outside.

What is your plan for traveling while training for long distance race???

Ready or not…here I come… 🙂 Such fun!


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