Run Like a Rockstar







I broke down and bought new Mizuno’s.  They are the best for me.  Had a good 3 mile run this morning.  Always start feeling like – “Can I do this?”  Then about a mile into it – praying/focus takes over and then I’m moving from 2 to 3 miles and then done.  Timeline_Cover_doNotRename35Shoes make a big difference in the run – but more than that – it’s heart and soul.  I prayed through my entire run this morning.  Offering it up for a friends daughter and my cousin.  I have a prayer list.  These are my most important friends and family.

running prayer list

I offer up all runs for my prayer list, but today it was just for those two.  My cousin has a rare, fast growing cancer that doubles in size in 30 days.  My friend’s daughter lost her kidney function yesterday and death looked near even though she is still in her teens.  She regained function since but still is unstable.  Tomorrows run is for her.

Running is hard.

I feel good when I run.

Not because it’s easy or because of the so-called endorphin’s released, but because of those I offer up my run for and the prayer that it is to God.  I actually am not a very religious person in that sense, but I feel like this is a way for God and I to communicate.   I am very direct normally with my communication.  Not a very good diplomat.  He and I, we have had a dialogue going on since the days of my paper routes. My directness…

…Is a weakness.

God knows that.

I also, am a big music conosur too.  I run normally with my iphone music.  However, today I ran with no music to focus on prayer the whole way.

May God allow me to continue running and offering up prayer for others.  I love it and it’s a great way of life.  When you run…run like a rock star!

Join me –




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