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When I Grow Up I Want To…

At what age do you stop saying, “When I grow up…?”  Now I find myself saying, “When I retire I want to…”


I am thinking about things that I had not thought of before as options for later in life and I’m beginning to think later in life is now.  That also makes me anxious.  I think of white water rafting, mountain climbing and yes, running.  I have a pain on the outside of my left knee that forces me to plop into a chair because my left leg can’t support my body.  What does that mean?  Maybe nothing…I haven’t checked it out yet.

I have learned a lot about running long distance, thinking I’d like to learn about other things too while I can do those things.


Writing, social media is fun – a great outlet for creativity.  I want to do more.  I want to use it to change things for the better – not just to shoot the breeze.


Check out my site…  I love this stuff because our community is now the world!


One comment on “When I Grow Up I Want To…

  1. It is odd when you start thinking about retirement and what your life will be like when you are old. I’m almost 49 and have another 15-20 years before I retire, maybe longer. If you don’t think about these things now you may not be prepared when the time comes to retire.
    If you want to run untill you are in your 8’s you better take care of yourself now. If you want to travel the world before you are too old to fly, you better save your pennies now and skip the lattes.
    While we are working we have a cash flow that we can direct in different directions. Once you retire you are just drawing down your accounts. The idea is scary to me.

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