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Is Your Dog Going to Work with You Friday???

Tomorrow is take your dog to work day.  Ruh roh!!cypress in charge

Cypress is always ready to go anywhere.  She is not too discriminating. So yes, she would love to go to work with me.


After she nervously would check out everyone in the office and mark a few strategic spots, try out a few cozy chairs in the board room and take her place in the CEO’s office for a while after consuming someones lunch and then passing some noxious gas, she’d wait for her big break when the office door would open…and out she’d fly.

Then her adventure would really begin loose in the middle of our busy metropolis.  Zesto, car wash, Taco Bell, post office, bowling alley – she’d do it all and then some.

Finally, hours later, she’d be back…maybe soaked and dirty from swimming in a local creek, maybe wearing some ones hat, or sporting the wet orange road paint she put her signature paw prints in and dragging along a clothes line that she sprinted through while covered in stickers from running through the woods at light speed pace.

Yes, she’s ready for “Take Your Dog to Work Day” and is resting up.

cypress sleeping

I don’t think my office is ready for Cypress…

Make it a great day!

5 comments on “Is Your Dog Going to Work with You Friday???

  1. mary jo says:

    She leads such an interesting life, but then so do you!!!

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks! We are not lacking in excitement – that’s for sure.

  2. kruzmeister says:

    Wow what an absolute cutie! Big hugs to Cypress from Down Under! 🙂

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks! She is high maintenance…passed on the hugs.

  3. dlauf3 says:

    Really entertaining! I could picture it all! Sooo funny!

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