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Veterans Day Salute

As I ran my first 3 miles this morning since the marathon 3 weeks ago, I saw several flags waving in today’s strong wind.  Really nice.

Blessing to all veterans and everyone who is serving our country in the armed forces.

For me – I always think of my Dad on Veterans Day.  He served in WWII and initiated several programs honoring veterans that are still in place today.   I have dedicated a page on my website to him and his tour of duty in WWII.

My husband Jim, is a Vietnam veteran.  Alex and I put this video together last year to honor him and his time served.

This video doesn’t exist

Happy Veterans Day!


5 comments on “Veterans Day Salute

  1. Happy Veteran’s Day to your own Vet!!

  2. How did your run go? Doesn’t it seem crazy that we ran so far just a few weeks ago, and now a few miles seems difficult?

    1. Anne says:

      I hear ya Nancy! I have been so tired today and all I can blame it on is that run. Vitae has a 5K Saturday and so I’m going to have to get my legs back in gear. It’s time though. I’ve been lazy and eaten a lot of junk food last 3 weeks.

  3. dlauf3 says:

    Happy Veterans to Jim! Nice video… always enjoy seeing it!

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks Dolores! Also, thanks for running slides for me last night – I still chuckle when I think about glancing at you and realizing I forgot to have you scroll forward several slides. Great times! 🙂

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