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Cookin’ with Julia Child and Richard Blais

Today, we are gathering items to send to friends in NJ who were hard hit by storms.  Ordered much needed gloves and masks to be delivered to help agency there.

Today is also…my cooking day.

First and foremost on the menu is- Julia Child‘s award-winning recipe for Beef Bourguignon.

Julia described this dish as, “certainly one of the most delicious beef dishes concocted by man.”  Watch her prepare it here.

I made Richard Blais‘s Spaghetti with Broccoli Pesto and Chili Oil to go with it, this morning.  It is wonderful!  Great for runners too.

After I heated the olive oil and chili’s, I strained out most of the chili remnants.  It is wonderful – either for dipping or drizzling over pasta.

Chili Oil

Richard shared this dish on, “The Chew,” in the segment about him preparing for the NYC Marathon (which was to be today but now cancelled).

Adding to all of this a great salad with red/yellow bell peppers, almonds and raisins.

Yesterday, Alex and I made his favorite… Beef Chimichanga‘s.

Knowing that there is so much more to life than food and eating, and many things that are much more important, I still believe that

 “A full refrigerator  = happy family.”

After Mass will go for a short run – my first since the marathon.  Been waiting for daylight savings time so can begin running again in the morning.  Also, just liked having all that extra time.


2 comments on “Cookin’ with Julia Child and Richard Blais

  1. I love to see people uniting to help everyone impacted by Sandy. Those beef chimichangas look delicious!

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks Sarah! The Chimichanga’s are good and easy too. I’ll post my recipe. Yes – lots of good going on for victims of storm – always brings out the best of those not impacted and wanting to help.

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