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New York and New Jersey…Lean on Us! The Marathon Will Be Back.

A hard decision; probably the hardest for marathon officials since the early beginnings of the race– 1970.

They were wanting to do the right thing for all involved and for New York.  To prove the tenacious and dynamic spirit of New York they first chose to move ahead.


Then after receiving heavy criticism, even though some of the 50,000 runners were already in New York from countries far away, the decision was made today to cancel.  That took great courage.

Bravo again!

As sad as it is for those athletes who have trained hard for months then had the heavy outlay of expenses for the race including travel and fees, it still isn’t even a fraction of the pain felt by the storm victims.  So sorry for all of this.

There are just too many that are without basic needs.  Too many that have died or are missing still.  So many scared, suffering and in pain.  The images are hard to watch.

So many who have lost their homes, jobs due to the storm, can’t get food, transportation,  fuel, warmth, water, basic needs…we as human beings created in Gods image, we understand… they come first.

We as American‘s rush to their side and want to comfort and help them.   It’s the triumph of the human spirit that we celebrate following times like this – it along with our faith enable us to overcome great adversity.

We will stand with them until they are brought back to normalcy.

It was right to cancel the marathon.  But runners, please come back next year.  Race officials struggled with decision obviously.

To the runners:  Consider donating  your time while here to helping those in need.  Feel good about coming here and then…come back next year to race.  We want you to come back.

It’s a sad time for NY and NJ…but the cities that never sleep…never quit and they will be back in business soon.

Donate to the effort through the American Red Cross.

I will miss watching the marathon Sunday morning, however we’ll spend that time before Mass, gathering items needed for the victims of “Sandy.”  My friend and team mate, Joanne Zitz sent this list of needs.  She lives in Poughkeepsie, NY.  She said her neighbors in New Jersey are desperate for rubber gloves and masks beyond that they have a list of other things they need.  Please send to the address below.

To all my friends/readers in New York or New Jersey…the rest of us out here in America are praying for you and donating to your needs.  Some are even traveling there to help.

It will get better…soon.  Until then, lean on the rest of us.

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