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NYC Marathon – It’s On!

The City That Never Sleeps…Never Quits!

This Sunday is the NYC Marathon.  I will be up and blogging as I watch it live (same as past years).  Holding vigil at command central.  Picture below is from morning of 2011 ING NYC Marathon.

Settling in to watch NYC Marathon  (2011) 45 minutes to race start!

It starts at 7:30 am (CST) with wheelchair division to 9:40 am (CST) last wave of runners.

There is much controversy surrounding this years race in the wake of “Sandy.”

Stretching resources, shifting focus away from those in need or providing boost in revenue to small business owners – $340 million, something positive epitomizing New Yorker’s spirit, tenacity, vitality and determination.

Where do you stand…agree or disagree that race should go on.  Also, leave a comment if you have something to say about it.

I may be in New York for the More Half Marathon (April 2013).   Love NYC!  Prayers to all who were in Sandy’s path of destruction.  Please pitch in to help with recovery efforts in addition to prayers please consider a donation or volunteering or both.

Apple’s music store is facilitating donations to the foundation, and thankfully 100 percent of contributions go directly to the Red Cross. You can donate anywhere from $5 to $200 via iTunes, but Apple warns that it “may not qualify for any tax deduction or other tax benefits.” Of course, you can always donate directly at the American Red Cross’ website, and you can volunteer with the foundationthe New York City government, with New Jersey’s state government, and elsewhere.

2 comments on “NYC Marathon – It’s On!

  1. Oddly enough, I just tread the post of someone who is infuriated that the race is still going on! While I hate to see resources go toward a race, when other people need it more, on the other hand, hopefully it will boost the morale of a city that’s experienced so much devastation during the past few days.

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks Sarah – Since I posted this I too have read others that were upset about the race. I’m kind of split on it. Watching from the outside to see what happens.

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