First Run Since Marathon

Today was my first run since the 26.2 mile marathon in St. Louis.  Wow!  I have let myself go a bit.  Really tired rest of the day.  I’ve had my fair share of junk food over the last three weeks since race too.  I am going to get back on track this week.  It actually felt good to run.  My left knee wanted to lock up the first mile, but worked through that issue.  Ran the course for Vitae’s 5K scheduled for next Saturday.

Tonight is the Amazing Race – love that show.  I think I’ll be hitting the sack soon after.  Still getting used to daylight savings time.

Last night spoke to Columbia 40 Days for Life at their closing rally about Vitae and the LIFE Runners.  Speaking of things close to my heart…always a good thing!

It was a great night.

My running is a part of me that I will never give up.

Alex and Jim were at the finish line at the marathon waiting behind the fence.  Here’s  video Alex took (it’s 3 short ones we put together).


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