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The Important Things We Cherish

I love getting out Christmas decorations.  Looking at so many things I have kept over the years.  Great memories.

This was from Alex when he was in the 4th grade.  I love this.  It welcomes everyone in during the Christmas season.

On with the decorating…

The buffet that’s next to the table is never used as such because it is full of my cherished items from family and friends.  Several items are from My Mom and Dad and Jim’s Mom.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day with family.  Dolores and Tom were having a few good laughs while taking in the nice weather Thanksgiving day.   BK, Mary Jo, Ann and Mallory were inside getting things ready.

Sarah, Greg, Jon and Zach are ready for the feast.  It was pretty outstanding.  Thanks BK and Tom!

In between a heavy breakfast with Carrie and her family at our house and then dinner at BK and Tom’s, I got in a 3 mile run.  So glad I did.

Wishing all a wonderful Thanksgiving Day weekend.

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