This Is It…Final Info From Marathon Officials

Received final info today from the St. Louis Rock and Roll folks.  Below is the Mandatory Confirmation Sheet or part of it along with the waiver releasing them from responsibility in case of injury or …other things.  Some info was blanked out.

I’m enjoying the tapering this week and next 2…

Tomorrow is a 12 mile run and then lunch with my sister at Dotty’s in Hartsburg…fun!

Upon advice of my sister, I went to the doctor due to the bronchial spasm I had last week at the end of the 20 mile run.  My doctor suggested I use an inhaler.  He thinks I have some asthma.  It’s okay…there are Olympic runners that have such and are able to manage.

Am I nervous about the fast approaching race???  Yes.

But the fact that I’ve finished 4 half marathons, began training for this race 6 months ago with over 500 training miles under my belt…

I’m ready.  

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    • Thanks Sarah! I just finished my run today – 12 miles. It’s almost sad that this is coming to an end. Let me know how your last weeks of training go and of course – the race. Blessings to you!

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