My Longest Run of 20 Miles…Done!

Cypress gave me a big LIFE Runner send off this morning at 6:30.

It was foggy around the river and in low places this morning as Dolores and I drove to the trail.

…then up came the sun and burned off all the fog. 

The 47 degree start had a bite to it for the first few minutes.  When I finished it  warmed up to 74.

Dolores’s ride started out on mile three with a blow out. She was able to get her bike tire fixed and rejoined me on the trail. That on top of not much sleep for her and Tom night before. They had to make a late night run to the airport and back .  She is Tough with a capital T. 

Lactic acid began building and it, combined with a bronchial spasm (Dolores’s diagnosis), made mile 20 that much harder.

Dolores did great. I started showing wear at this point. Said a rosary (with my LIFE Runner Macrame rosary) on miles 18/19.

Dolores recommended I get a bronchodilator from the doctor this week.  I also need to see if I can take Ibuprofen before race begins and leading up to it as well.

Cheers to Dolores who pushed through lack of sleep and blown tire today to ride the 20 miles with me.  Also for being the official photographer for the day. Love the pictures.

I have to say the last few miles were extremely hard.  Also, I am going to have to settle for a slower pace than I prefer.  Even though I ran the full distance, my average was 14:30.

Ouch!  My pride just took a hit.

This was not part of my plan but the bigger issue is…I finished.

It’s now time to taper till the marathon.  My training is virtually finished.  Bring on the marathon!

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  1. Congrats on getting your big run done Anne! That IS an accomplishment short of the real thing. Do be extremely careful taking anything like Ibuprofen or Alleve before a run. I don’t have any real life experience with that, but I have read where that can actually do more harm than good! Check out this article on livestrong. I have a friend that is preparing for the Richmond marathon with a couple of friends and planning on doing 2 or 3 20 milers before tapering! Craziness! Best wishes!

    • Thanks Ray! Good advice. Passing on the Ibuprofen before race. Feel better today (day after run). I slept 10.5 hours last night. Normally I struggle to get more than 6 or 7 hours of sleep. Thanks also for stopping by my blog. Stay in touch!

      • Good job Anne! If you’re concerned about pre-race tightness take the time to do a proper warm up that includes active or dynamic stretching before the race. You can google that to get a list of the kinds of stretches that includes. That and proper hydration during the race will help to sidestep any cramping or extreme muscle fatigue!

    • Thanks so much Tristen! The last few miles of yesterdays run was so hard. I worry about the last 6.2 of the race. I know I will finish though. Thanks also for stopping by –

    • Thanks Donavan! I love how you are supporting your husbands marathon training through your blog! Really cool! Thanks for stopping by and stay in touch –

  2. Congratulations Anne you did great! Your focus was on completing it, not speed. Your in the top %age
    of women your age being able to complete that high a physical challenge. So proud of your accomplishments! You go girl…no regrets!

    • Go Lindsay! Congratulations! I agree – the last three were rough. I got an inhaler from my doc. He said I may have some asthma. No big deal – got it under control and did an easy 4 miles this morning. Great way to start the day! Have a great one Lindsay!

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