Fall is For Running, Marathons and Rhapsody of Beauty

Love having a run before me on Saturday.

After the marathon…will miss that.

Change of plans today,  routed me through town and the Runge Nature Center.  My favorite time to do trail running.  Waited till it warmed up a little.

Today’s 12 miles were slow but easy.

Legs were kind of tired first few miles and then kicked into gear.  I started and finished at Runge.

As I finished up, ran into this herd of deer.

Behold the beautiful fall pageant of foliage.


Love it!  Running is a favorite part of fall and gets me out to take in the ever-changing beauty.  Lots of wildlife out today too.  Because of the sparse amount of people, the deer and other animals were out in force.  As I came upon the deer herd (5 of them), I was relieved to see they were deer and not something else.

Wore my LIFE Runner hoodie today.  Can’t believe just a few weeks back I was worried about record setting heat and humidity.  It was 45 and only rose to 50 before I finished.

Get out and move.  Enjoy each season and give thanks for the many blessings that come with each.

Have a great day and on with the rest of this wonderful weekend.  Today ends with a warm fire, great food and some good visiting with family.

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    • Thanks Lizzie! That would have been tricky. I finished the run and then cooled down by walking one of the trails. My favorite there is called “Raccoon Run.” Have a great day and thanks for stopping by – stay in touch. Anne

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