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Friends Make Everything Great!

I had a full docket this past week and ran it right up to the start of a half marathon that was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  That race should have been pretty easy at this point in my training.  I ran 18 miles the previous Saturday and 17 before that.  So 13.1 should be a breeze.

I was an exhausted runner.  I felt like I was running in slow motion.  Maybe the bladder infection and lack of sleep had taken it’s toll.  I’d like to believe that is why I ran that race so poorly.  The Map My Run app on my Iphone also was calling the mile/time before I reached the official mile marker for the race.  Thus, a problem with the app I’ve been training with through my phone.

Worse yet, I knew the whole time my LIFE Runner team mates, most of them very experienced (if not elite) runners were waiting at the end to take a team photo.  I have trained longer for this upcoming marathon than any other race.  Worked harder, etc.  It took several hours before I could garner the nerve to look at the race results to see my time.  It was the same as my run in KC last October – or close to it.  That shouldn’t be.  That race had steep hills and I walked some of it. This race had no steep hills and I ran the full distance.

This really hurt.

I didn’t go out to run today.  Too tired still.  Will go tomorrow.

Also, I put a bid in on a Garmin watch on Ebay.  Not going with the Map My Run app anymore.

If the slower run was due to the infection and such…it will improve easily.  If not, I will need to train a little harder.

If I didn’t think I could turn this around I would quit.  Actually, I don’t think I’d ever really quit, but I know I can get back to where I need to be soon.  Just makes me more determined.

My LIFE Runner team mates…they are the best.  I didn’t given them enough credit.  I worried through out the last half of the marathon (once I realized how slow I had been running), that they were waiting to take that team pic.  What would they be thinking as they wait on the last LIFE Runner in the race to join them?  Where is she?  Did she drop out?

When I reached the last quarter mile stretch and could see the finish line, not only were they cheering me on, two of them even jumped the barrier to run the last stretch with me.  Even though they finished 2 hours earlier.  They weren’t embarrassed by my slow run at all…

Watch the video here…

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