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Heading to KC and Then Sioux Falls, SD

Tomorrow going to KC for a Vitae event and then meeting with some benefactors Friday.  Finishing the day with some serious driving to Sioux Falls, SD.  There we are having another Vitae event with some old and new friends.   That event is Saturday night.  Then Sunday…running a half marathon with my LIFE Runner team mates and Team Rebekah in Sioux Falls.

Starting to pack…here are just a few of my morning essentials.  Nursing a blister on my foot from Saturday’s long run.  Thus the Band-Aids for Blisters.

My morning would not be the same without a protein bar, vitamins and good coffee.  Relying on hotel for the “good coffee.”

So thankful for the growing list of my awesome sponsors for the October 21st Marathon.  Thanks to all who have responded so quickly to my request.  There is still plenty of time to contribute.  Funds collected go to the Vitae Foundation.  Also, another opportunity on my blog to give to Thrive Pregnancy Center in St. Louis.  See the link on the right side of page.  I’m hoping between those funds to Thrive and the rest to Vitae that I will raise a little over $6,o00.  I will keep you posted on my progress and continually update my list of awesome sponsors.

Blessings to all.

Paul and Kathy Bastasch
Jim and Judy Budde
Mike and Mary Ann Caffrey
Team Carmichael Pit Crew  (Jim and Alex)
Charlie and Jeanne Haake
Ralph and Mary Kemna
Carl and  Carolyn Landwehr
Pastor Scott Lemmermann
Archbishop Joseph Naumann
Karen Tippie
Allan and Ann Verhulst


2 comments on “Heading to KC and Then Sioux Falls, SD

  1. dlauf3 says:

    Have a safe trip and good luck on the half marathon. i know you’ll do well!

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