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Meet Team Carmichael

Here’s team Carmichael…

Helping me with my marathon training.  They are bringing my old elliptical to my office after they loaded it and borrowed an SUV.  That way I can take breaks and work my legs to stay limber and flexible through out the work day.

So here’s another shot of “Team Carmichael” after finishing the job of delivering the elliptical.  This is also after returning SUV and picking me up in our car.

Here it is in my office.

I wish that work fairy would ever get here and take care of all of this work so I can just play…

Here’s a shot from my desk – notice the LIFE Runners sign up high.  Also Alex’s pictures he created for me many years ago.

I’m going to use this for cross training.  It’ll help rejuvenate me midway through the day too.

Thanks “Team Carmichael!”  They are kind of like a pit crew.  Alex is going to hang out at my running spot Saturday to help me get my 11 miles in with no problems.

Tomorrows a 6 mile run and  I’m ready!  Have a great night.

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