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The Calorie Game…Feast or Famine

Got the 6 miles in that Hal had on the schedule today.  I’ve been tired ever since.  Maybe it was those 600 calories that were burned off – not to mention the amped up metabolism that follows such a run.  I feasted at Red Lobster tonight.  Plenty of Salmon and such.  I probably took in the 2,000 calories I’m burning daily.  I don’t usually.  My average day is 1500, but today I felt the need to take in more.

Where do you run?  Along a road, city street, sidewalk, treadmill, etc. ?  I prefer to run along the road on asphalt.  Sidewalks are concrete – harder on body.  In the early morning there’s less traffic and able to get out there in the street more.  It’s a great feeling too.

Here’s the data from the run…Have a great night!

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