Barefoot Running

I ran 3 miles today in my Vibrams.  Felt light on my feet.  Focused on landing on the ball of foot and not heel.  Tried to keep hips square over feet and shoulders over hips.  Had plenty of energy too.  Kept a decent pace (for me) – under 12 minute miles.  Temp was 66 and humidity was 79%.  I could have kept running but will save up for tomorrows 6 miles.  No weird aches and pains.

I wish I could run in my Vibrams all the time, but that would bring on injury due to the different muscles used when wearing them.  You have to ease them into your work out.  Also, no banging against my toes that bruise the nail beds. There are many benefits to these shoes.

Now off to work.  Have a great day!

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